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Phuket is often referred to as the 'Pearl of the South' and for scuba diver it's certainly the crown jewel of the Andaman Sea; one of the most renowned diving regions in the world. This island paradise lies only 8o north of the equator, enjoying a tropical climate with average water temperature of 24oC (78o F) with an unmatched variety of aquatic life.
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The best time for diving is between October and May between the two monsoons, but good diving is available all year. A fleet of dive boats now roam the azure blue water of the Andaman Sea.


In spite of its strategic location and long maritime history, many areas of the Andaman Sea remain largely unexplored. This underwater frontier continues to yield exciting new dive sites that are only now being made available for sport diving., you may enjoy the added pleasure of being one of the first ever to dive in many sites.

Phuket Sport Diving


Phuket Thailand rates among the top 10 scuba diving destinations in the world. Spectacular reefs, corals, Unusual underwater rock formations, and huge variety of marine life provide great opportunities for divers at all levels.


Phuket Dive Areas

  • anemone reef coral Anemone Reef

    Located a short distance north of Shark Point, Anemone Reef is another densely packed ecosystem and many dive operators offer day trips that cover both sites. Obviously, Anemone Reef sports thousands of anemones and anemone fish, but it also hosts its share of leopard sharks as well as a huge population of spectacular lionfish.

  • KingCruiser andaman sea phi phiKing Cruiser Wreck

    The King Cruiser was a ferry boat that plied the route between Phi Phi and Phuket. Then one fine day wSith no wind, no waves and no inclement weather it inexplicably sunk (no one was killed) and created a perfect wreck dive. Resting in about 32 metres (104 feet) of water, the wreck has attracted quite a bit of marine life since it went down in 1997 and is now a bustling artificial reef.

  • Phi Phi coral Phi Phi Islands

    While technically located in Krabi waters, Phi Phi is easily reached from Phuket and its powder soft beaches and dramatic limestone cliffs make it a popular excursion for visitors to both provinces. The diving around Phi Phi is not as mind boggling as the Similans or Hin Daeng but it does offer a huge variety of dive experiences concentrated within a small area.

  • Koh DokMai Phukat andaman seaKoh Dok Mai

    An island located one hour east of Phuket. A walldive where you can spot everything, however look especially for the sea horse hanging on to the gorgonias and the many species of moray eels peeking out from their cavities.

  • Phuket WestCoast diving sports Phuket West Coast

    An inexpensive way to get your feet (and everything else) wet, Phuket's west coast offers some surprisingly interesting dives. Although nowhere on the scale of he offshore islands, there are some nice reefs located just off the tourist beaches, particularly Kata. Hire an inexpensive local longtail boat and see what you can see.

  • RachaYai island, coral beachesKoh Racha Yai

    Racha Yai's best diving is off its east coast which makes it especially attractive during Phuket's off-season in the summer. Although visibility varies, it can be as good as 25 meters or more. A typical dive is a gentle drift along a sloping rocky face that is sprinkled with hard coral forests of many, many varieties.

  • Racha island Phuket beaches thailand Koh Racha Noi

    Racha Noi is the more isolated of the two islands and is a popular dive-site for more experienced divers, as the depths are generally greater and the currents frequently stronger than at its sister island to the North. You will encounter huge underwater boulders that offer a good chance to see manta rays and whale sharks.

  • Shark Point andaman sea Shark Point

    Shark Point is part of a Marine Sanctuary and is justifiably the most popular of the local dive sites. Named after the docile Leopard Sharks that are often encountered resting on the sandy seafloor here. The official Thai name for this site is Hin Musang or 'Shark Rock'

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As in many sports the key to the full enjoyment of scuba diving is proper preparation, and practicing safe procedures before, during, and after the dive.

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